Fox 32 Float 140 RL Bike Fork 2010

Fox 32 Float 140 RL Bike Fork 2010

It has become an important decision for riders when they first venture into Air fork. Riders who are using coil fork never really get fully satisfied when they try air fork. The truth is air fork is also a good option in terms of quality and ride; it acts as a good replacement for coil fork. It has been proved that the latest air forks with innovative damping technology are equally been equipped to provide soft bottomless feel with reliable riding experience for riders with standard weight. There are few trustworthy branded air forks which delivers what it promises. Fox 32 Float 140 RL bike fork delivers some of the best suspension action on various trails and it has been constantly developed based on the rider’s requirement. Fox is a well-known company that showcases impeccable collections of suspension forks. Fixing fork like Fox 32 Float RL onto your bike is definitely a next step for making your ride as comfortable as possible.

Intended Design

This suspension fork is designed for 140mm travel and can be used for XC, Trail and All Mountain riding style. It is more stable bike fork and specially designed to fit the intended riding style, size and the bike type. Fox 32 Float 140 RL is a light weight mountain bike fork when compared to RockShox Air Revelation or Pikes which comes under the same category. It feature open bath damping system that enables you to control the steering and track well on the trial with less flex.

With better suspension action, this bike suspension fork would affect the climbing noticeable and this is because the fork is much stiffer. Normally very few branded bike forks would have manufacturing defect that causes oil leak, alignment problem and loose damping adjustment after post purchase which could be replaced or mended during warranty. So far those who bought and used Fox 32 Float RL never faced such defects which cause inconvenience after post purchase.

Prescribed Usability

When you manage the fork with suggested right air pressure according to your weight then this fox fork produces really a soft bottom. If you weigh more then 180 lbs and try jumping and do serious riding then this suspension fork would produce noticeable flex under braking. Even at slow technical speed heavy riders might feel a little flex but on a desert XC and standard trail this fork is fantastic which, cruise its way to the smoothest ride. Correct sag setting would help heavy riders (240 lbs) to get most out of this mountain bike fork for XC and trial riding.

Setting the sag up for 20% and it does not matter whether you hit full staircase or drop square hit, this bike suspension fork would give quick response without any stiction. Despite noticeable flex you would not feel bumps in your hand. Fox’s 15 mm thru axle standard must be an effective solution for such noticeable flex issues for 2010 but Fox 32 Float 140 RL does not feature 15QR thru axle system. One advantage is that it has 9 mm open drop out with post-style disc brake mounting. Only 150 FIT RLC 32 Float and 140 FIT RLC 32 Float model has 15QR thru axle system.

Features with Advantage

When compared to previous model this Fox fork for 2010 is super stiff and save your ride from numerous rocky trails. Even with standard QR axle system it is super responsive and quite stiff. This bike fork is closely compared with Rockshox Revelation bike fork and when a bike fitted with Fox Float 32 RL is definitely a step up in terms of quality of the ride. It does not come with any slow speed compression setting rather it features only rebound, lockout and Air spring pressure adjustment. By just dialling the preferred rebound and setting the correct sag this suspension fork takes up the small and large bumps with ease.

Even though this suspension fork does not come with compression damping knob it is much easier to adjust with air pressure for terrain you are riding. The old open bath damping is a proven system and the riders can enjoy trail full of rock gardens, high speed decent and rocky climbs without any trouble. Fox has set a standard for all types of riding style and the improved damping system for 2010 has given 32 Float RL a remarkable control at the crucial rebound turnaround points.

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Fox 32 Float 140 RL Bike Suspension Fork – Technical Specification Details

About Fox 32 Float 140 RL Mountain Bike Fork

Manufacturer: Fox
Model Name: 32 Float 140 RL
140 mm travel fork
1.63 kg weight
Colour: White
Can be used for XC, Trail and AM


Open bath damping system


Post-style disc brake mounting
9 mm open drop-out
1 1/8″ standard steerer
32 mm Hard Anodized inner stanchion

Damping Adjustment

Air spring pressure
Rebound facility
Lockout using lever

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