Rock shox Tora Trial 302 Coil U-Turn Fork Review

Rock shox Tora Trial 302 Coil U-Turn Fork Review

RockShox is a popular brand name which belonged to SRAM Bicycle Corporation. It started its operations in 2002 after acquiring from SRAM. Rockshox is a full-fledged mountain bike suspension specially designed for consumer use in mountain bikes. Rock Shox line ups are efficient and performance oriented bike forks made available for different trail riding condition. It has gained its recognition for its remarkable performance at all price ranges.

Rockshox Tora Trial 302 Coil U-Turn fork offers basic suspension operation at a very low price. It is more than a lower budget mountain bike fork designed for entry level XC mountain bikes and suitable for moderate trial riding and light jump. By introducing Rock shox Tora U-Turn, SRAM has entered into lower budget mountain bike suspension market. Whether it is a smart move or not, it depends on the performance of Rockshox Tora 302 in the market that we need to analyse.

Basic Design

Though this bike fork is offered at a low price, the internal parts are heavy and it comes around 5.3 lbs by weight. This rugged suspension fork comes with disc mountable stout magnesium lower leg that nicely fits into 32mm upper tubes, which is made up of steel and chrome material. This durable material would pave the way for stiff construction and gives complete strength to the suspension. The upper chrome stanchions have impressive strength but at the same time it weighs heavy on the fork suspension.

Normally, if you go for a lower priced mountain bike fork, it is common that such forks will have added weight in order to make up for good rugged performance. As far as the body design is concerned, the fork construction is strong and comes with relatively little flex. The flex can be realised even at 130mm of travel. This Rock shox Tora is universally designed and readily used with other fork parts when damaged.

Considerable Built Quality

The rebound damping adjustment, piston slide and lockout knobs are all made with plastic material. The durability depends on the type of usage. The travel and lockout knobs are vulnerable to break outs if you go for an extreme riding or rough descent. Since the knobs are made up of plastics the fork will not take up the abuse.

Rock shox Tora Features

This Rockshox fork is equipped with standard U-Turn technology and this popular mechanism is meant to give smooth ride. The coil U-Turn has become a standard measurement for all other travel adjustment systems. It provides 45mm of travel adjustment system for the coil fixed inside the suspension fork without disturbing preload. The suspension sag will not change and remains proportional throughout the range of travel adjustment. This coil U-Turn equipped fork is easy to maintain & service and is popularly found in many retailers place.

This mountain bike suspension is also made with Turn key feature, which gives you freedom to try some moderate big hits even when the fork is locked out. This Turn key technology is built under the platform of Rockshox blow-off design. It is intended to make your ride smooth for small bumps and at the same time the technology quickly absorbs unexpected rocky hits even while lock out is fully opened. This reliable system also shows compatibility with Poploc remotes. This Rockshox tora 302 comes with 85 – 130mm of travel adjustment and gives the option of choosing from 120mm and 130mm coil spring. You can conveniently reduce or increase the travel based on the type of ride.

Rugged Performance

Rock shox Tora Trial 302 Coil U-Turn is the most basic bike fork featuring external rebound adjustment. This adjustable rebound damping moderately works in all occasions. It should be understood that this mountain bike fork is not for extreme riding. This entry level fork suspension highly satisfies you when you get your mountain bike riding for long descents. It does not go banging with compression or rebound adjustment, which you would normally seen in entry level mountain bike coil suspension. At this price range it is surprising to see that Rockshox Tora performs with a great steering stiffness and gives a composed ride.

The aluminium steerer gives stiff riding experience and it accompanies the U-Turn and Turn key features well which, performs good most of the time. There is a noticeable difference with rebound adjustments with stiff and smooth rides. This mountain bike suspension still leaves you with 5-10mm of travel along with blow-off for big hits while locking out, but very few riders will use it. It gives room for fork wheel interface with more dropouts spacing. This makes the fork stronger with higher tolerance level.

Moderate Usability

This Rockshox fork has come across some bad reviews this is because users have overestimated the fork and used beyond the prescribed usage pattern. It is just an entry level XC mountain bike fork, which performs well for little trail riding but if you take them for big challenges then it under performs. Apart from that it rides really smooth and the rebound works most of the time. You would not be disappointed as this bike fork soaks up everything without putting you out in complex process. When the fork is severely abused the rebound damping may lead to breaking and oil leaking, which cannot be fixed by a lay person. Rather it has to be sent back to the retailer to be fixed under warranty.


SRAM warrants Rockshox Tora Trial 302 U-Turn suspension fork, free from defects in materials or workmanship for a period of two years from original purchase. If any discrepancy occurs, SRAM is ready to fix or replace faulty forks under warranty. Claims under this warranty must be made through the retailer where the Tora 302 fork was originally purchased.

Our Analysis

Rockshox Tora 302 version is most suitable for those who are budget conscious and like to start their mountain biking with entry level XC mountain bike. U-Turn and Turn key are great advantages for such low price fork, which costs around £179.99. A robust body, lateral strength and steerer stiffness are the key features. If you are in the process of searching for lower priced fork then this mountain bike fork must be in your list in first position. You can also opt for coil version fork in Rockshox Tora 302.

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Rock shox Tora Trial 302 Coil U-Turn Fork – Technical Specification Details

Manufacturer: Rock Shox
Model Name: Tora Trial 302 Coil U-Turn Fork
32mm upper tube with steel, chrome options
120mm and 130mm coil spring options available
5.3 lbs weight


Disc mount stout magnesium lower leg
upper chrome stanchions
Spring: Coil U-Turn
Steerer: Steel/Aluminum 1 1/8″
Travel: 85 – 130mm
Rotor size: 210mm


U-Turn 45mm of travel adjustment system
Turn key for blowoff while lockout
External rebound, external travel and lockout


Two years of warranty on defects in materials or workmanship


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