SR Suntour SF9 Epicon RLD Mountain Bike Fork 2010

SR Suntour SF9 Epicon RLD Mountain Bike Fork 2010

The brand name Suntour still holds an average reputation, but the truth is Suntour also makes good bike forks like Epicon that is not known to many amateur bike riders. Suntour is one of the largest fork manufacturers, which has its operation with less complaints or issues when compared to other mountain bike fork brands. It is not surprising to see valuable suspension forks like Epicon, which are built under the Suntour own brand name. Suntour SF9 Epicon RLD mountain bike fork is considered to be extremely worth its value and is low priced in its class. Performance wise, it fully satisfies trail and street riding and has low maintenance features. This suspension fork costs half the price of high performance bike forks and performs twice as good, with interesting features.


Suntour SF9 Epicon RLD bike fork comes with the ability to change the amount of travel between 80, 100, 120, 140 mm, which is highly tuneable by using the Air system provided at the crown on the left side. It is a pretty stiff fork and performs well, more than what it is designed for and it takes up the drops well. This Suntour epicon fork suspension has a hydraulic remote speed lockout facility with rebound adjustment cartridge provided at the right side of the crown. A complete workshop manual is available from Suntour for easy setup of travel from 140mm to 100mm.

This performance fork works well with cross country and trial biking. It looks a little heavy and has less flex. Its air spring system has an efficient design that gives plush riding almost at any air pressure by using preload air pressure adjuster. This mountain bike fork has a new look and design with improved bushing and seal when compared with the previous model. The lower leg is available with different colours such as gloss black, white, mat black and metallic silver. The upper section has nitrite coating that lasts longer. The alloy crown with gold anodized stanchion tube gives a nice finish to this suspension fork.

Plush Riding

With zero stiction from the start, this bike fork delivers a buttery smooth travel, which absorbs medium to big bumps quiet well. Its air spring and hydraulic damping can be compared with RockShox Dirt or even Tora and it performs better than those bike forks. This Suntour Epicon mountain bike fork can be well tuned according to your weight and when done perfectly you can expect unbelievable plush in riding. It is available with or without 15mm through axle bolt, with the difference in price of about £26. When you take this fork suspension on long climbing you would feel like riding a rigid fork even when it is not locked. You can truly enjoy riding on rough trails and road by setting suitable PSI (pressure per weight) based on your weight.

The only drawback is it does not have compression damping, but it is not necessary for this class of fork. The air pressure damping is easy to adjust and the remote speed locking is very handy. You can buy this Suntour Epicon bike fork at the same price range of RockShox Dirt 2 or 3. The air system really benefits you with more control in the front end. Damping and suspension features are above average and wholly satisfies the need for reliable hardtail bike fork. Due to its stiffness and strongly built quality, this Epicon suspension fork moderately performs on small bumps at low speed but when you go for higher speeds on big bumps you will know the difference that it performs best in its class.


SR Suntour SF9 Epicon RLD is not a hardcore mountain bike fork. It is only meant for basic off-road trial and street riding. If you are keen in entering into tough terrain then try some high end bike fork suspension. Riders who have experienced Manitou and RockShox before would know the difference with Suntour Epicon. It is one of the most trusted fork suspensions in the market.

Our Analysis

Suntour Epicon RLD is a budget fork suitable for normal trail riding. If you want a fork that will stand up to abuse, then you can try RockShox Tora 318 that would cost you extra money. Suntour Epicon will sure satisfy you with its strongly built chambers and lockout, which would not pop out at any circumstance. With its simple design and effective features, you can perform on an average level like riding on rock gardens, roots and some nasty bumps similar to higher end Marzocchi bike suspension and RockShox Recon. This entry level bike fork fits for those who are looking for 5.5″ fork suspension for regular trail riding and racing once a while. It costs between £138 and £180 depending on the Suntour Epicon variants and 2009 & 2010 model is still available with good price deal.

SR Suntour SF9 Epicon RLD Mountain Bike Fork 2010– Technical Specification Details

Manufacturer: Suntour
Model Name: SF9 Epicon RLD fork suspension 2010
80,100,120,140 mm of travel
Suitable for 185mm disc
Air spring system


Light weight magnesium monocoque
Available Lower leg colours: Gloss black, Mat black, WhiteMetalic, silver
Alloy crown and tube
Gold anodized stanchion tube
Rebound Damping adjuster cartridge
Reversible lever for remote lockout


Adjustable travel
Rebound Damping adjuster
Remote lockout
Suitable for cross country and Trial bike


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