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Top 10 Best Hardtail Mountain Bikes 2010

Top 10 Best Hardtail Mountain Bikes 2010

Following are the top 10 Best Hardtail mountain bikes of 2010 priced between £350 – £1000 and these hardtail bikes are the most popular among both beginners and experienced riders. The collective information about these best hardtail mtb are gathered and presented based on many consumer reviews, users experience and amateur & advanced rider opinions. All these hardtail are the best selling and been in the market for more than five years with ultimate improvements. The following hardtail bikes are not presented based on ranking but they are worth considering in top 10 best bikes of 2010 list.

Specialized Rockhopper SL Hardtail Mountain Bike


Specialized Rockhopper SL Mountain Bike

Specialized Rockhopper SL Mountain Bike

Specialized Rockhopper SL is a recreational XC bike nicely blends between the beauty and quality. Having a best designed alloy frame, it is targeted for new comers, which is affordable and one of the light weight bike in its class. The frame built quality is the highlight that gives strength to the ride. With the help of wide bar and 100mm of travel the trial riding can be fully utilized. This hardtail mountain bike gives good pedalling response that leads to great acceleration agility on the trail road. It has hydraulic disc brake and entry level dart 3 coil fork.

This Specialized Rockhopper SL hardtail cost you £700 and suitable for beginners, there is no need for immediate upgrades. Make a note that this bike is not for intermediates and advanced riders. Beginners can make use of this mountain bike as a good platform for gaining expertise in mountain biking and later they can switch to full suspension bike. Read more reviews on Specialized Rockhopper SL Hardtail Bike.

Good: Light weight alloy frame, enough mud clearance and allow the rider to try bolder tyres with the help of intelligently built chainstay and true value for money
Bad: It is slightly heavier then normal hardtial bike, Shifter comes with low performance, average component setup, not good for bumpy trial and not meant for serious riders

Boardman Pro Hardtail Bike


Boardman Pro Hardtail Bike

The specs of Boardman Pro seem to be better then any other hardtail in its class and true bang for the buck. This hardtail bike is available with RockShox Reba race fork with Avid Elixir R hydraulic disc brakes. Most of the rider who bought this bike goes for immediate or later upgrades such as bolder tyres, seat stay & head set adjustment and does simple mechanical adjustments to suit the riding style. The bike goes for real transformation from commuter to trail riding.

This hardtail mtb is meant for intermediate XC riders and it possess light weight aluminium frame. Available exclusively from Halford and they have years of experience dealing with Boardman bikes. It is a fast bike climbs well and perform well on descends. You cannot match Boardman Pro with any other hardtail bike that comes around £1000 when you look closely to their specs.

Good: cheaper in its class with excellent components setup especially gear, brakes and fork are value for the money
Bad: Frame quality and the tyres are average, weigh around 11.5kg and worst saddle and bar grip (need to change), white colour easily gets dirt

Voodoo Bokor Hardtail Mountain Bike

Voodoo Bokor Hardtail MTB

Voodoo Bokor moves faster and has the capacity to accelerate well even in the rough terrain. It comes with aluminium butted frame and available in 18″ and 20″ bike frame. With the help of Rock Shox Recon Race Air shock with 100 mm of travel, this bike maintains light weight and provides good stopping power with Avid Juicy 3 hydraulic disc brake. This hardtail mountain bike is equipped with a nice frame and it is a highlight on the bike that gives great handling on flat roads and works hard on off-roads.

This light weight hardtail bike is suitable for cross country and even for dual slalom riders. It is built in such as way the top tube gives standover clearance and seat tube lets you keep grit out with longer stem. The geometry of the frame gives good corner grip and it is a single speed compatible. Voodoo Booker bike is liked by many riders because of its frame and component setup, which is great value for money and this bike cost around £700. Read more reviews on Voodoo Bokor Hardtail Bike.

Good: Good equipments Recon fork, SRAM X5 rear mech, strong and light weight frame, good acceleration and nice wheelset with Mavic Rims
Bad: The paint job is average it does not stick around for longer

Genesis Core 20 Hardtail Bike



Genesis Core 20 Mountain Bike

Core 20 from Genesis is a well spec hardtail with better fork and frame design. We cannot say it is a light weight bike but this bike will suit for commuting and less technical rides. Genesis Core 20 comes with 100 mm of travel of Rockshox Tora XC with double butted aluminium frame. The good thing is it has Shimano Deore shifters with all 9 speed and other kit is not much highlighted. You can add extra long travel and make use of this bike for some technical ride but watch the weight.

This hardtail mountain bike is not an aggressive bike but an all rounder. You have a chance to upgrade the bike in a latter stage because it comes with hydraulic disc brakes. If you want to try little off road ride then change the tyre to Kenda Small Block 8 or DMR Moto R/T tyres. The original tyre that comes with Core 20 is continental road king, which is good for commuting and very little trail riding. You can also buy another budget set of wheels for race tyres and ride both commuting and trail riding.

Good: All rounder commuting bike, room for upgrades, used for trail riding, hydraulic disc brakes and double butted Aluminium frame
Bad: Not a light weight bike and no lock out in the fork

Carrera Fury hardtail mountain bike


This entry level cross country bike has decent spec and comes with true value for money. It is priced comfortably with reliable frame quality and kits. Carrera Fury hardtail bike cannot be compared with other cross country that are little expensive. It is exclusively available from Halford at the price range of £550 and comes with heat treated aluminium frame, which does not look like an average bike. The strong butted chassis show little flex and fully coated with white paint. The frame is well designed with two bottle cage mounts, large keyhole clearance at chainstay for rear wheel.

This hardtail mtb has adjustable seat post, which is tall enough to fit for 6ft riders. It gives good traction with great stability for even non experienced riders with plenty of room in the cockpit. Carrera Fury hardtail mountain bike comes with 120mm of travel Suntour Epicon fork with SRAM sifters and Avid Juicy hydraulic disc brakes, which are the main highlighted kit. The fork has rebound damping this give way for semi trial riding on bumpy terrain for easy climb and steep decent. Read more reviews on Carrera Fury Mountain Bike.

Good: Great value for money, decent spec, Avid Juicy hydraulic disc brakes, 120 mm of Suntour Epicon fork with rebound damping
Bad: Frame show very little flex but it is not a problem at the price range that you pay

Cannondale Trail SL 5 Hardtail Bike



Cannondale Trail SL 5 Mountain Bike

Trail SL 5 hardtail is from popular brand name Cannondale and the main highlight of this bike is its quality frame. The specs and components are of average value for the price you pay and the bike comes around £550. It is comfortably priced and suitable for those who want to be a proud owner of Cannondale hardtail. As far the performance, this hardtail bike would not disappoint your rather lets you to enjoy cross country and little trail riding with 100mm of travel and 2.0” Hutchinson tyres. This hardtail mountain bike feature aluminium frame with light weight tubes that adds strength and at the same time with reduced weight.

Cannondale Trail SL 5 comes with Shimano Deore transmission with Tektro mechanical brake which is easy to maintain and has average performance then disc brake. Some components like stem, handlebar and grips are made by own brand name Cannondale. When compared with other £500 priced hardtail bikes, Cannondale Trail SL 5 holds in fifth position before lot of choices available like Boardman Pro hardtail, Carrera Fury hardtail bike, Carrera Kraken Mountain Bike and GT Avalanche 2.0 disc. You are paying the price for brand name and the quality of the frame.

Good: Quality Aluminium frame, brand name, 100mm of travel and 2.0” Hutchinson tyres
Bad: Average components and spec setup

Lapierre Tecnic 500 Hardtail Mountain Bike



Lapierre Tecnic 500 Hardtail Mountain Bike

Lapierre Tecnic 500 is a cheaper and a lighter XC bike with most preferable 100mm of Rock Shox Tora SL CL fork. The frame built quality is what speaks a lot and the classy components would add more quality to the bike. This hardtail bike is equipped with lightweight alloy frame that has compact geometry and Rock Shox Tora SL CL fork, which acts like a finishing kit for the bike. The important components like BB, shifters, Crankset and Derailleur are from Shimano. The hardtail alloy frame holds five years of warranty against manufacturing defect when it is used under normal condition and not for racing.

With 12.6 kg weight, this hardtail mtb enables you to do XC riding with moderate trail and the weight of the bike is an important factor. We cannot say it is an all rounder bike but it is mainly focussed for cross country with reliable components. It seems that Hutchinson Python tyres in Lapierre Tecnic 500 XC make the bike use for off road condition in all sort of terrain and this type of tyre has low rolling resistance with good grip near cornering. The hardtail mountain bike cost you £800.

Good: Light weight and strong alloy frame, RockShox Tora fork and other classy and best components
Bad: Not an all rounder hardtail and more focussed XC riding

Specialized Hardrock disc Hardtail bike 2010



Specialized Hardrock Disc Mountain Bike

Specialized Hardrock disc bike is one of the least priced hardtail suitable for those who search bike in fixed budget or in the process of redeeming the voucher through cyclescheme facility. It is a lighter and better spec bike suitable for commuting both on roads and trail. This beginner hardtail bike goes everywhere with set of Tektro Mechanical disc brakes. The frame looks more of commuter than mtb and available in four different variants such as Hardrock disc, Hardrock Sport Disc, Hardrock Comp Disc and Hardrock XC Pro Disc. Each hardtail is better then the other with better components but you need to pay extra when you go for higher model. Specializied Hardrock disc is the basic model that cost £350 and the sports disc model cost you £370.

Specialized Hardrock sport disc comes with Avid mechanical disc brake and fully double butted aluminium frame with 80mm of SR Suntour SF10 front fork. The entire Hardrock model comes with 8 speed except the basic Hardrock disc that has 7 speed. These hardtail mountain bike models are available based on your LBS and the only think that you need to change is the pedal. The Suntour SF series fork in the entry level Hardrock bike is not up to the expected performance but you can change the fork to Rock Shox Tora SL or Rock Shox Reba or Rock Shox Dart 3 SL or SR Suntour Epicon. Specialized Hardrock disc is the better purchase and give room for upgrades, the hubs is disc ready were you can change them to hydraulic disc from mechanical.

Good: Good frame and lot of room for upgrades
Bad: Suntour fork and longer pedal, the pedal should have been shorter

Gary Fisher Wahoo Disc Hardtial Mountain Bike 2010



Gary Fisher Wahoo Disc Mountain Bike

Gary Fisher Wahoo Disc 2010 is a cross country XC bike with 100mm of Suntour SF10 front fork aluminium frame, which made up of hydroformed tubing. The fork has hydraulic lockout and the important components such as shifters, crankset and Derailleur are from Shimano, which is much better than other branded components. The main compromise would be while getting hardtail bike under £400 budget is the front fork and disc brakes. In this case Gary Fisher Wahoo has agreeable spec and it is unnecessary to change or upgrade any components at the time of purchase.

Paying extra money for budget fork is not worth until you get riding experience with Gary Fisher Wahoo disc hardtail mtb. At later point of time if you want you can change the fork to Rock Shox Tora coil that comes under the budget with decent option. Additionally you can add Avid hydraulic disc brakes taking off the mechanical disc brakes. All the components are from Shimano so, it is readily available. You can compare this bike with GT Avalanche 2.0 Disc that has lockout control, preload adjustment and cable disc and it comes with extra £170.

Good: Mid level XC bike, budget hardtail, better spec, good beginner’s bike, no need to upgrade
Bad: Compromise with front fork, mechanical disc, average shifters

Carrera Kraken Hardtail Bike



Carrera Kraken Mountain Bike

Carrera always have a special place in Halford and they have produced more popular bike variants with best spec at least priced such as Carrera Fury. Carrera Kraken is a kind of trail bike with 120mm of front fork with lockout facility. It also equipped with hydraulic disc brakes and SRAM 27 speed along with the other budget components like Truvativ Isoflow crank. It is one of the best spec hardtail bike that you can purchase for £430 and the components looks like the £700 worth. Performance wise it does not disappoints you rather ride like expensive hardtail. It is surprise to see such a stiff and light weight Aluminium frame under £430. This bike is suitable for those who wants to start a solid foundation in mountain biking and move to the next level.

Good: Best spec, great value for money, suitable for beginners
Bad: We cannot say any bad things about Kraken at a least price range that you pay

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