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Fox DHX Air 5.0 Rear Shock

Fox DHX Air 5.0 Rear Shock

The most important part of the bike is the rear shock, more and versatile adjustment shock is better for full suspension bikes. Popular shocks are tuned specifically for the bike or frame they come on. They have different leverage ratio depending on the rear suspension design, for e.g. Fox RP23 Shock for Santa Cruz Nomad and Fox DHX Air 5.0 for Giant Glory. Fox DHX Air 5.0 is a more compact and linear shock, suitable for long downhill and free ride bikes. This Fox shock has a high oil volume and never lets you down during rough terrain rides.

Fox RP23 and Fox DHX Air are almost identical with similar adjustments. The only difference is RP23 has small air can and DHX has big volume air can. The air pressure must be tuned properly to get a desired action. Fox DHX is a more progressive shock and never blows up with excessive pressure. It is light and can easily be setup on a frame used specially for downhill stuff. The only thing that matters is that it needs to be tuned to make it more progressive and synchronize with Mondraker Summum or Scott Ransom kind of downhill frames.

Flawless Adjustments and Impressive Technology

This rear shock can be played with volume adjuster on the boost valve that acts as an independent adjustable bottom-out resistance. This adjustment is more than enough to fix any suspension problem you face since you can dial in to lend more bottom-out resistance and have more control over big hits. The basic Boost valve pressure limit is 125 – 200 psi air pressure. So, for better bottom out adjustment you must first adjust the volume and then check the air pressure through the boost valve provided at the bottom. This bike shock comes with a 90 degree turn, blue colour pro pedal lever on the top which can be easily adjusted on the fly even wearing gloves.

Pro pedal adjustment is more than a low speed compression dial. It helps to avoid pedal bob without compromising on small bump compliance. It is better than any other air shocks for comfortable riding. Riders normally expect their bikes to absorb the bumps, but this requires the shocks to extend full stroke in a controlled manner. This is possible by clicking the red knob rebound adjustment on the top. Each adjustment has an effect on other adjustments, such as air pressure, pro pedal and bottom out. Similarly pro pedal is also tied up with boost value. More importantly if when high or down spring rate is chosen the re-bound must be adjusted.

Fixing Mid-stroke Travel

Different frames need different setups based on the type of the ride. This Fox shock adapts with the frame it is used on, but has to be tuned accordingly to get the full benefit. Fox DHX air shock normally comes with a big air can. During aggressive compression the shocks would sometimes bottom out when fitted with various frame design. Even though you apply bottom out resistance and pump up the shock to 250psi it will bottom out hard. It is the big air can that causes the compression and it has to be worked over at the end of the travel when it finally ramps up. The shock needs smaller can and bottom out bumper on the main shaft in order to eradicate bottoming out.

Providing a smaller volume air can would fix the mid stroke issue. After proper setup the shock would be a little more progressive and super plush in the first ½ stroke and quickly ramp up for bottom out resistance. Small Air Can from Fox RP23 will work and the Air Sleeve can also be fitted with the DHX Air. Fox separately sells the RP23 Air Sleeve and Air Sleeve rebuilt kit which comes with Float Fluid pillow pack and seal. The above setup particularly works well for Scott Ransom and Voltage FR bike frame. Similarly you need to check out suitable setup for different frames.

Made for Progressive Frame

This rear shock is not suitable for linear single pivot suspension frame, like Orange 224, but it works well in a very progressive kind of frame such as Yeti 303 RDH or Turner DHR downhill bike. Yeti 303 RDH downhill bike has a linear linkage design (rail technology) and has mid-stroke designed into it which works well with DHX air. There is no need to change the Air Can as it works with standard Air Can size. Check out Custom Tuning Program from Fox Factory and also step by step process on Air Sleeve service. It is quite easy to setup but require time to tune oil volume as well as for changing to smaller RP23 air can. You need not re-bleed the shock to go through the above process.

Need Little Time for Setup

Few riders complain that the shock does not perform well with different frames. Most probably they really don’t understand how the shock works. If this mountain bike shock has not been properly setup and tuned, it will not show the desired results. The thing is, you need to spend little time to understand each adjustment and how and what they are used for. Fox DHX Air is not a terrible shock; it is just a little complex to find the correct setup for the selected mountain bike frame. It works great with certain bikes. If you are in the UK, send the shock to TF Tuned Shox to get it setup perfectly, and if you are in the US send them to Push Industries. Fox DHX is a low maintenance progressive bike shock. Once it is setup, the shock would keep running in top form until it is opened. It comes with tons of adjustments that really encourage average riders to test different riding styles. This shock can be closely compared with Rockshox Vivid Air and it is lighter than Vivid Air.

Setup Procedure

1. Find correct spring rate
2. Set correct amount of sag
3. Adjust your bottom out volume
4. Double check the boost valve pressure
5. Adjust the rebound from there
6. Then if you think you need some propedal add propedal

Our Analysis

It is the lightest shock around the market with 400 grams weight and this rear shock can take up reasonable amount of abuse. You will find this shock little more progressive even after long decent over extreme rocky terrain for 16 minutes and after that there will be no significant change in the feel of the shock.

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Fox DHX Air 5.0 Rear shock – Technical Specification Details

Manufacturer: Fox
Model Name: DHX Air 5.0
Light weight air shock
Linear shock
Suitable for Downhil and Freeride bike


Large volume air can
Boost valve damping
90 degree flick Propedal lever
Rebound adjust
Independent bottom-out resistance adjust
Light weight body
Air pressure valve (Boost valve)


Progressive shock
Bottom out resistance
Better Propedal platform
Highly tuneable shock
Tons of Adjustment

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